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 034: Conservation in Archaeology & Biological Anthropology focused on the Dig of the Roman City of Sanisera (Menorca – Spain)


Valerria Dall'AraLucía Gutiérrez (Madrid, Spain, 1985)

She has a Degree in Conservation and Restoration, specialised in Archeology, by the School of Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Goods (Madrid). She is focused on Preservation and Restoration of Metals but, recently she has obtained a Master’s Degree in Archeology and Heritage by Universidad Autónoma (Madrid). This training has been enhanced on works as Technical Responsible of conservation and restoration of an Iberian Site, several positions in the Conservation, Restoration and Scientific Studies Service (SECYR) at Universidad Autónoma, (Madrid) and her Training and Supporting Grant at the Prehistory and Archaeology Teaching Laboratory in the same university. In addition, she has also studied the degree of History specializing in Archaeology carrying out different practices in archaeological sites.


Alicia Monreal photoAlicia Monreal. (Madrid, Spain 1982)

She has a Degree in Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Goods, specialized in archaelogy by School of Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Goods (Madrid). Degree in History of Art by Complutense University of Madrid and Master in Archaeology and Prehistory. She is specialized in metals by Universidad Autónoma (Madrid), but she has also experience in restoration of several materials (bones, pottery, mosaics,...) working in different laboratories (National Museum of Roman Art and Regional Archaeological Museum in Madrid) and conservation in situ in several archeological sites from different prehistoric and historic contexts in Spain. Now she is the conservator in the project that our International School is carrying out in Dubai.


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