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 034: Conservation in Archaeology & Biological Anthropology focused on the Dig of the Roman City of Sanisera (Menorca – Spain)

What you will learn ?

In the Fieldwork

  • FConservation drawsirst aid for finds. How to dig up significant finds properly.

  • Excavation, cleaning and consolidation of wall frescos or stuccos that could have paintings on them.

  • Conservation and consolidation of opus signinum pavements.

  • Consolidation of Roman cisterns lined by opus signinum, which were used in the storage of liquids.

  • Reconstruction of archaeological structures with fallen stones.

  • Reconstruction of the original height of some structures.

  • Conservation drawsApplying methods to avoid the collapse of the ground or the growth of vegetation that can degrade structures and tombs.

  • Reinforce some structures by applying modern consolidating materials.

  • Recording the data obtained during the consolidating process in each artifact that has been treated.

In the laboratory

  • Treatment of significant finds made out of pottery, glass, bone and metal – such as Roman coins, nails and keys.

  • Conservation of objects found on site which still have two thirds of their original volume.

  • Proper treatment in the cleaning of human crania found in the tombs.

  • Proper methods in the packing of finds for their storage.



  • Archaeological objects before and after they are found.

  • Underground and external agents that affect materials.

  • Materials to Use and to Avoid.

  • Field Techniques for specific artifacts: bones, metal, ceramics, special cases.

  • Laboratory curation considerations.

  • Basic rules for proper packing of archaeological materials.

  • Preventive conservation strategies and practices for archaeological museums and site collections






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