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 040: Digging remains in two maritime cities of the Roman Empire: Sanisera (Menorca, Spain) and Siculi (Split, Croatia)



Tatiana Valente photoTatiana Valente. (Aveiro, Portugal 1988)

Working with the Sanisera Archaeology Institute since 2006, she has joined our team after volunteering in one of our programs in Menorca, Spain. When graduated in Archaeology in 2010 from Oporto University (Portugal), she became officially one of our archaeologist, working on our several projects since then. Among being our pottery specialist and researcher, she's also responsible for the Sanisera roman city excavation and for several of the archaeological tours throughout Europe.

Tatiana Valente photoIvanka Kamenjarin (Los Angeles Hollywood, USA, 1964)

Ivanka is an archaeologist working in the Kaštela Town Museum from its very beginings (1990). She started excavating the archaeological site Siculi in 1991. She is finishing her PhD about the first fase of the settlement (Hellenistic Siculi). She has conducted many excavations from the ancient to the Medieval time in the Kaštela Bay and its surroundings. Her specialization is Hellenistic and Roman architecture and Hellenistic fine pottery.


Ivan Suta  photoIvan Šuta (Split, Croatia, 1978)

Archaelogist and historian, working in Kaštela Town Museum since 2003. Graduated at Zadar University 2002. He joined the Siculi exploration Project at 2005, and since then he published several articles about prehistoric and Late republican period in Dalmatia. He is specialized in prehistoric topography of the karstic landscapes, and amphoras from the Late Republican period. From 2014 he is the director of the Kaštela Town Museum.


Dominik Zanic  photoDominik Žanić (Split, Croatia, 1980)

Working as a documentalist for the municipal museum of Kaštela since 2006. As a skilled terrain and artefact artist he has worked on several different archeological sites, ranging from prehistoric to medieval and helenistic/roman period excavations. His work encompases measuring, drawing and categorising found artefacts and sites using geological measuring instruments and several different software programs, as well as maintenance of the museum web page. Graduated at The Art Academy in Split in 2006.


Ante Jureskin photoAnte Jureškin (Split, Croatia, 1986)

He graduated as a Conservationistrestorer in 2012 from The Art Academy in Split. He specialised in conservation of stone as a material. He gained practical experience during his time at the university and in collaboration with the Croatian conservation institute. Since 2013 he is employed as a restorer at the archeological department in the Kaštela Town Museum. He is currently working on pottery and glass restauration for the museum.


Tatiana Valente photoTina Neuhauser (Graz, Austria, 1981)

Archaeologist, worked at University of Graz and is now working as a freelancer since 2013. Graduated at University of Graz 2004, PhD since 2010. She joined many international archaeological projects in Austria, Hungary and Croatia. Since then she published several articles and gave many international guest lectures. She was invited to give several lectures at Universities in the USA and was invited as a guest lecturer at the American Archaeological Institute (Minneapolis/St. Paul, USA) as well. She is specialized in new documentation technology in Archaeology and on Greek and Roman architecture, especially on Roman Provincial Theaters.


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