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 100: Be an Archaeologist in the 21st century (Online course)

What you will learn ?

Learning archaeologyModule 1. Whats is archaeology?

  • What archaeology is about – what it consists and involves.

  • Learn to differentiate between archaeology, anthropology and history.

  • To know from which branch of science it evolved

Module 2. History of Archaeology

  • To know why archaeology began and developed into a profession

  • Learn about the contributions of Antiquarians to the development of archaeology

  • Learn about the ‘fathers of archaeology’ and what were their contributions.

  • Learn about the main archaeological methodologies and how they evolved through time

Module 3. Theory of Archaeology

  • How it officially became a profession

  • Learn the major scientific approaches used to do research in archaeology: cultural-historical, processual, post processual and cognitive.

  • To know how archaeology bases its interpretations using philosophical frameworks

  • Will allow you to know how to describe which approach you took to do a particular research, and why you chose that approach as the most appropriate scientific method

Learning archaeologyModule 4. Archaeology today

  • You will learn about the different kinds of doing archaeology, and how to choose among the best approach to excavate a site depending on which kind it relates to

  • Learn about the different specializations within the profession

  • In which types of archaeological excavations you can enroll

  • How archaeological excavations are funded, and why

Module 5. Why is archaeology important?

  • Understand why we should continue investing in archaeology

  • The importance of studying mankind for everyone’s future

  • Learn the importance of preventive archaeology to protect our heritage

  • Learn why archaeology is so important for governments and communities

  • Learn about public responsibility for protecting the past

  • To know who owns the past



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