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  2017 Dubai Expedition: Sarouq Al – Hadeed site.

Grant & Call


The participation in the Dubai expedition is for volunteers, 100% funded and it includes:

    • Transportation from/to Dubai airport.

    • Accommodation in the research center with the archaeology team, located close to the site.

    • Participation in the archaeological mission during 88 days.

    • The scholarship includes all meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner.

    • Airfare ticket from/to volunteer’s home to Dubai in the dates of start and end of the expedition. The maximum amount of the airfare grant is $ 1,100.


Note that the volunteer must pay his/her ticket and we will refund the amount (max. $1,100) at the end of the expedition in Dubai by presenting the air company bill.

Important: if the volunteer leaves the excavation without any justified cause, she/he will lose the grant and the flight ticket price will not be refundable.

Accommodation, transportation and meals costs will not be covered out of the indicated dates of the assigned session.



The selection of candidates will be based on the aspects indicated in the list that follows, without any preference and giving to each one the importance it deserves depending on the candidate's academic profile and the technical interests for Sanisera Archaeology Institute:

    • Previous participation in any field schools organized by Sanisera Archaeology Institute, Ecomuseum Cavalleria and/or other field school opportunities directed by other entities or universities.

    • Academic training related to university studies in anthropology or archeology.

    • Participation in courses or/and attending conferences related to this scientific discipline.

    • Author of publications in journals, blogs, etc.

    • Volunteer experience in developing group activities or being an active member of a NGO.


If you do not meet any of the items listed, "do not throw in the towel", for us it is also important to select motivated candidates who want to experience for the first time an excavation fieldwork and aspiring to cooperate as volunteers in teamwork. No archaeologist learned from nothing, all had their first day, and maybe now, your opportunity has arrived.



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