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Phase of lethargy

From 1984 onwards, there was a phase of stagnation, since the archaeological investigations involving excavations and surveys ceased to be developed at the site. Meanwhile, some papers about amphorae and ceramics which were located on the site were published, as the result of sporadic findings and studies carried out by some archaeologists, who were expert on the Classical archaeology of the Balearic Islands.
One of them is J. Ramón, who published an excellent work on amphorae produced in Eivissa, such as the types PE 17, 25 and 26 which were found in the port of Sanitja.
Moreover, J.C. de Nicolás studied the Iberian pottery and the epigraphic marks of the amphorae found in Sanitja during that period1, and, in another article, he analyzed a collection of early Christian sigillatas2. Lastly, the same author published an article on some stocks of Roman anchors that had been found in the coast of Menorca3. One of them was found in Sanitja, located at the entrance of the port towards the lighthouse, around 200 meters off the coast and 25 meters deep, weighing approximately 26 kilograms.



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