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Underwater prospection 1994

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Prospección subacuatica Underwater prospection 1994

Between September 1 and 14, 1994 an underwater archaeological prospection took place in Sanitja harbour.

The intervention was limited to the visual inspection of the harbour’s bottom, to the collection of visible material samples and to the topographical recording of finds.

The most outstanding sherds were recorded, and only some samples were collected, such as a South Gaulic Samian inkwell, type Hermet 181 .

Also, a plan was drawn of a group of iron anchors, 24 metres deep. Of the six anchors found in this sector, four seemed to be Roman, probably Early Imperial, and two more were of the Almirantazgo type, documented from the Middle Ages to our day, although their condition indicated that they are not modern. All anchors are large and correspond to vessels of considerable size. The reason for such an accumulation in this limited space (within some 25 metres) has to be found both in the bottom and the coast configuration.

(1) Sampling performed in the mouth of Sanitja harbour. 2 fragments of Punic Ebusitan amphora, 1 fragment of Italian Campanian amphora, 1 fragment of Dressel 1 from Latium, 3 fragments of large African, and a neck of a Keay II C African amphora, 1 base of a large African amphora, 1 base tip of a large African amphora, and 3 base tip fragments of large African amphoras.

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