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USCyrus Soroosh

"I would like to work in a non profit"
University University of Arizona
Department University of Arizona
Degrees B.S.Classics, 2010, completed 16 graduate credits toward Ancient History Degree
Biography I am a high school world history teacher and a graduate student studying ancient history. In addition to history, I am also studying Latin and Ancient Greek. I hope to further my passion by participating in archaeological excavations. My employer has agreed to give me the time off.
I have experience in this areas
GIS Underwater Archaeology
Archaeology Anthropology
Conservation Video Documentary
Faunal remains Art & Museums
My experience in Sanisera
Year/s Summer 2014
Course/s 006.Dig in Roman City of Sanisera
My Opinion My experience at Sanisera Archaeology Institution was incredible! The instructors provided me with the practical knowledge and skills needed to work effectively at an archaeological site. Using the Harris Matrix and other scientific methods, I learned how to properly conduct an archaeological excavation. In addition to learning many fundamental skills at the excavation site, I also learned how to clean, categorize, and label the different artifacts. Working at Sanisera Archaeology Institute enabled me to apply my textbook knowledge of ancient history and archaeology, to a practical setting. Based off of the artifacts found, I was able to apply my academic background to better understand the historical context of the site.

Sanisera Archaeology Institute

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