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 10 reasons to choose us

1. Our guarantee

Between 2004 and 2020 a total of 3260 university students have participated in our courses. Most of them come from USA, Canada, Australia and UK. They are our guarantee.


2. In English

Our couses are international and are given in English


3. Improve your CV

Our course certificates can be transferred to university credits. Also, you can get recommendation letters, which can help you getting to advanced programs and improve your CV.


4. International

You can plan you summer by choosing among 20 courses. We are in 8 Mediterranean countries of Southern Europe.


5. Long campaigns

Our annual campaigns are long. From the beggining of April until the end of November.


6. Small groups

Courses are limited to small groups so that instructors can have a direct contact with the students. Our instructors show experience in different archaeological fields which are covered by the Field Shool.

7. Apply easy & safe

To apply for our courses is very easy and safe, thanks to our course coordinator who offers a nice and familiar treatment.

8. Affordable prices

The payment method is made in American dollars. Affordable prices from 1300 dollars.


9. For everyone

Previous knowledge or experience is not required.


10. Live Classical Archaeology

You can go to Rome, Athens, Paris, London, Lisbon, Istanbul, Dubrovnik, Pompeii, Ephesus, Barcelona and Menorca. Meet and live Classical Archaeology with us.

Sanisera Archaeology Institute

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Why choose us?

10 reasons











10 reasons to participate in our international summer courses.

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