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Discovered amphoraeThe Sanisera Field School started in 1996 as a school for university students who wanted to be trained in archaeological fieldwork through the excavation of the Roman port city of Sanisera (Menorca, Balearic Islands, Spain). In 2004, due to the continuing success of its archaeological courses, the Field School became an international reference center and started giving its courses in English for students coming from, in most of the cases, Anglo-Saxon Universities, with programs in Archaeology and Anthropology, such as those from USA, Canada, Australia and United Kingdom. We are an Archaeological Field School which, year after year, expands its courses by offering students the opportunity to work and discover renown sites which present Classical Archaeology from different countries, where they can carry out their practices focused on specialized fields of knowledge that are related to their University degrees. Our work is focused on the archaeological study of ancient cities, anthropology, excavating shipwrecks and submerged cities of the ancient ports in underwater school in archaeology and learning GIS Software for archaeologists.

From 2018 we want to promote international collaboration and help archaeologists and related organizations (universities, research centers, foundations, sponsors) to connect with our excavation sites and research projects through the archeology programs. Those projects are focused on the Roman port of Sanisera (Menorca, Balearic Islands, Spain), its excavation in the city, necropolis and underwater archeology; and the research in the submerged site of Portus Iulius in Baia, Naples (Italy).

We have compiled a list of specific projects that potential partners and sponsorships can consult before contacting The Sanisera Field School.


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  1. Excavation of an urban area of ​​the Roman city of Sanisera
  2. Excavation of necropolis 5, in the Roman City of Sanisera
  3. Excavation of a Roman shipwreck.
  4. Surveying the Roman Mediterranean Ports. Research and Survey in the singular Portus Iulius (Naples, Italy)


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