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  Partnership opportunities. Excavation of an urban area of ​​the Roman city of Sanisera


It involves the excavation of an entire building next to an early Christian basilica, on the banks of the Roman port, built during the later Empire and occupied until the decline of the city around the eighth century A.D.

Potential partners

Preferably archaeologists or university professors with endorsement of their department.

Potential partners requirements

Will prioritize the intention and purpose to undertake a new project rather than the accomplishments and experience in developing excavations. Ideal for young teachers who want to start new projects focused on late classical antiquity (IV - VII centuries A.D.).

Methodological planning

a) In Menorca, during the campaign of excavation at the site, they will be spent 7 hours per day for fieldwork, following the Harris Matrix methodology and laboratory techniques for the treatment of discovered archaeological material (first classification of the material).

b) In the place of origin of potential partners -preferably universities-, during the teaching period and as part of the credits and university subjects: study of stratigraphy, preparation of a GIS system and treatment of the inventory of archaeological objects.

c) Publication of the obtained results in international publications and congresses.

Project schedule

• Stage 1, open to contacts and communication with interested partners (January – September, 2015).

• Stage 2, procedures and agreements (October – December, 2015).

• Stage 3, development and implementation of the excavation (from March 2016 forward).

Project costs

Defrayed by partners after the agreements between partnership and The Sanisera Field School.

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  1. Excavation of an urban area of ​​the Roman city of Sanisera
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