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USAshley Reilly

"I would like to work in a museum or laboratory"
Degrees Certificate in Anthropology, JD, BA
Biography I have participated in excavations and laboratory work in Ecuador, Spain, and the US. I have a degree in anthropology; and, I am very interested in continuing to work in the archaeology/anthropology field or in a museum setting in any capacity. I plan to apply to a program in museum management.
I have experience in this areas
GIS Underwater Archaeology
Archaeology Anthropology
Conservation Video Documentary
Faunal remains Art & Museums
My experience in Sanisera
Year/s 2011, 2010
Course/s The Cave: Mediterranean Funerary Archaeology; Sanisera: The Roman City and Necropolis
My Opinion I participated in the excavation of urban structures, inhumation tombs, and a funerary cave. Each setting required different excavation procedures. However, in each excavation site, I engaged in the collection, preparation, and inventory of artifacts. Depending on the site, those artifacts included: human and faunal remains, metal objects, and pottery, as well as other objects related to the use and history of the site. I enjoyed all aspects of the experience. It was challenging being out in the field surveying, excavating, and collecting samples, but also exciting and worth the effort to discover the past. In addition, the laboratory work allowed me to better understand the sites and the lives of the people who were associated with them. When I volunteered at the archaeology lab at Columbia University, I was overcome by the idea of holding an object that someone had made, potentially, thousands of years ago. It's an amazing feeling to connect with the past like that, and a moving one to consider the evolutionary and cultural history of our species. The Sanisera Archaeology Institute allowed me to engage in my love of exploring and learning about the past; and, to do so with other individuals who shared my passion. I want to continue to immerse myself in the study of humanity's past through fieldwork, academic work, and museum work. I would particularly like to share the immense and exciting world of cultural and biological human history with others by working in a museum.

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