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USDarcie McCafferty

"I would like to work in a museum or laboratory"
University University of Tennessee
Department University of Tennessee
Degrees BA Anthropology
Biography My name is Darcie McCafferty. I graduated from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville in May 2017 with a BA in anthropology. For graduate school I want to focus my Masters on bioarchaeology and paleopathology. I attended the Sanisera field school in October 2017 in the necropolis program.
I have experience in this areas
GIS Underwater Archaeology
Archaeology Anthropology
Conservation Video Documentary
Faunal remains Art & Museums
My experience in Sanisera
Year/s 2017
Course/s Roman Necropolis
My Opinion I helped excavate the Roman necropolis in October 2017. I had a great experience with Sanisera. Having the opportunity to gain hands on bioarchaeology experience was very beneficial to me. I also enjoyed the lab work and skeletal analysis.

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