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USReese Waters

"I would like to work as a professional archeologist"
University William and Mary
Department William and Mary
Degrees International Honors baccaulareate in classical studies in progress
Biography I am a student in the William and Mary St Andrews Joint degree program for classical studies. I am interested in maritime archaeology as well as land archaeology of the classical period and ancient near east.
I have experience in this areas
GIS Underwater Archaeology
Archaeology Anthropology
Conservation Video Documentary
Faunal remains Art & Museums
My experience in Sanisera
Year/s 2019
Course/s Underwater archaeology in the port of Sanjita
My Opinion I learned techniques in underwater survey including how to navigate and mark locations of artifacts through linear and radial survey. I also learned how to interpret dispersions of artifacts. I learned how to identify possible dates of artifacts based off the type of amphora found.

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