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USAllison LeLaurin

"I would like to work as a professional archeologist"
University Sonoma State University
Department Sonoma State University
Degrees Currently undergoing my undergraduate degree in Anthropology
Biography I have worked at a conservation center in Australia with the program (ISV). I have worked as a student volunteer with the Sanisera Archaeology Institute exploring underwater archaeology. I expect to expand my knowledge of the world with the help of projects such as those undergone at Sanisera.
I have experience in this areas
GIS Underwater Archaeology
Archaeology Anthropology
Conservation Video Documentary
Faunal remains Art & Museums
My experience in Sanisera
Year/s 2014
Course/s course 014 and course 027
My Opinion Before Sanisera, my knowledge concerning underwater archaeology was limited. However, while I participated in their program I was taught how to conduct both linear and circular surveys while keeping the lines tense underwater. I was shown how to measure and map out the locations of sites that we were focusing on. I was familiarized with the historical background of the artifacts that we were exposed to as well as architectural differences related to the building patterns we would often see in ruins or sites. A lot of time was dedicated to the classification of amphora: style, location, etc. I did not truly realize how much I had learned until the program had ended. It has helped shape my view of the archaeological world.

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