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 018: Advanced Osteological Analysis in the Roman Necropolis of Sanisera (Menorca – Spain)

What you will learn ?

In the Fieldwork

  • Sanisera Roman City DigFunerary practices at the Sanisera site.

  • Taphonomic factors affecting survival of skeletal material.

In the Laboratory

  • Complete osteological analysis of an individual funerary unit.

  • Archaeology laboratory in SaniseraAssessment of disarticulated remains and computation of minimum number of individuals.

  • Application of standard techniques of bone measurement, age estimation, sex estimation, classification of dental pathology and tooth wear.

  • Identification of fragmentary bones.

  • Utilization of anatomical terminology to describe and discuss skeletal elements.

  • Recording osteological information on complex forms.

  • Recognition of non-metric traits and pathological bone.



  • Development and application of osteological methods.

  • Assessment of cremated remains.

  • Chemical analyses of human bone – isotopes and DNA.

  • Identifying trauma in archaeological bone.

  • Challenges in paleodemography and paleoepidemiology.

  • Estimating ancestry of human skeletal remains.





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