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 053: Bioarchaeological fieldwork of an underground funerary crypt of the San Mateo Church

What you will learn ?Circular monument of Carthage

In the Fieldwork

  • How to dig and which archaeological techniques are used.

  • Use and handling of the tools that are used during the excavation process.

  • Detecting graves to excavate in the funerary crypt.

  • Exhume the skeletal remains and record any finds.

  • Scale drawings and elevations of tombs/individuals within the tombs.

  • Record funerary structures and anthropological remains in context sheets.

  • Basic principles of stratigraphy.

  • Basic procedures for collecting C14 samples.

In the Laboratory

  • Prepare anthropological material in the laboratory.

  • Cleaning, inventory and cataloging of recovered human bones during the excavation process.

  • Basics of the methods used in human osteological analysis, including skeletal anatomy, palaeodemography and palaeopathology.

  • Learning how to identify age, sex and height of buried individuals.

  • Relative dating based on the classification of archaeological artifacts discovered in stratigraphic sequence.

  • Interpret what went on during the burial process of these individuals

    Paintings roman designs


  • Introduction to Physical Anthropology and Bioarchaeology

  • Skeletal Anatomy –Terminology-: generalities, dental structure, skull and other bones.

  • History, archaeology, economy and culture of the modern Spanish culture (the 16th - 18th centuries).

  • The background of Christian funerary rituals.



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