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 Our Mission

Students in a classOur commitment is to promote Archaeology in its different aspects of research, training, and conservation, with a basic and clear purpose: to involve anyone from around the world who wishes to gain access to this scientific field.

Sanisera is an international archaeological organization whose main aim is that of promoting and developing research , so that our current and future generations can be enriched by culture and education in this field.

We achieve our goals with the participation and collaboration of a group of volunteers who are coordinated by specialists and professionals with proven expertise in fieldwork, both surveying and excavating, as well as studying the archaeological artifacts found on site in the laboratory.

Our field school programs, which are led by leading academics, keeps on growing. We are currently offering courses which allow students to choose from a wide range of places, topics and archaeological methods, ranging from theory to practice. Participants will gain hands-on experience in archaeological practice.

We work with respect to protect the welfare of people and Archeology, including our personnel, researchers, volunteers and the sites where we develop our projects.



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