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 Why participate in Sanisera Archaeology Institute ?

Students having funNew College Students

You are a new college student and want to introduce yourself to this discipline. You will find out if this is the job you really want to do in the future.

Students who participate in other field schools

If you have already participated in other field schools, it is important to continue your training in other excavations, so that you can compare the work carried out in them and assess their different methodologies applied to the fieldwork and the laboratory.

Graduated from college

If you have recently graduated from college and want to be ready for the job market. The field School offers a perfect experience for participants who study any type of university program which is related to Archaeology or Anthropology.

Students who participate in the field school can put into practice all the theoretical knowledge which has been learnt in University. There is nothing better to do in order to complement their studies than having a first-hand experience in an excavation where they can find the archaeological materials which appear in their university textbooks. It is the best way to assimilate concepts as well as complement their university degrees. In this way, the student can become a well-trained archaeologist with demonstrable experience.

Petition for credits

Student in SaniseraFor those of you looking to receive credit through the participation in our field school, we invite you to write a petition for your university. Here you can find a sample petition that may help you with that:


Looking for documentation

If you are looking for archaeological documentation in order to prepare your undergraduate final project, dissertation or thesis.

Archaeology as a hobby

If you just want to live a unique experience or if you have always loved archaeology as a hobby and never had the opportunity to form part of a scientific team. Any person can participate, do not hesitate.

Professionals archaeologists

If you are a professional archaeologist and want to specialize in a particular field, or if you think this can help you in getting more experience for the rest of your professional career.


Some of the advantages that we could highlight about The Sanisera Field School are:

1 - It improves your CV and helps getting recognition. Participation in a well-known field school is an asset for institutions, universities and companies related to this scientific field.


2- Updating of contents. A field school, taught by professionals, will allow you to be completely up-to-date in your field of specialization, learning the latest methodological approaches.


3- Instructors. Our technical team is formed by professionals who are specialized in different fields, bringing students to their professional background and experience.


4- Different types of studies adapted to the needs of the students. Our field school is completely devoted to the students' learning. We increase their knowledge and skills in both fieldwork and laboratory. We also promote a flexible and immediate communication, we encourage effective discussion and working as part of a team. We also facilitate interaction among all participants, whether students, instructors or visiting professionals.



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