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Spanish flag006. Dig in the Roman City of Sanisera.

Student digging

The research is focused on the archaeological excavation of Sanisera and it studies what happened in this Roman port connected to the maritime traffic that sailed the Mediterranean during those times. As a result, we know that this is a very interesting archaeological site, with abundant findings of multiple artifacts that will help us to reconstruct its past.
The excavation at the Roman city of Sanisera provides all the archaeological documentation necessary for the student to acquire enough training and experience in all aspects involving an excavation of the Roman civilization from the II century B.C. to the VI A.D.



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Spanish flag010: Digging remains and Biological Anthropology in Sanisera

Cleaning bones in the labThis course focuses on the excavation and study of both the urban structures of the Roman city of Sanisera, where a monastery has been found and the excavation of inhumation tombs from the classical period. In the laboratory students will learn to classify artifacts found, including Roman pottery, numismatics and faunal remains.


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Spain020 The Roman City of Sanisera (Spain) & Making an Archaeological Film (Menorca, Spain)

Student working in the NecropolisIn the first part of the course, participant's fieldwork will focus on the excavation of an urban area where a monastery was discovered. The monastery is from the 5th and 6th centuries AD, includes an early Christian basilica. Participants will learn and apply the Harris system. In the Laboratory, subtends will learn to classify archaeological material from the site, including Roman pottery, numismatics and faunal remains. During the second part of the course, students will learn about the process of creating documentary video footage, preparing a plot, selection of scenes, sound and different aspects of audiovisuals.

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Spanish flag045 -Archaeological Techniques of drawing, photography and digital illustration & Dig in the Roman City of Sanisera


This course is for students interested in archaeology and anthropology who come from all over the world. It covers advanced and essential techniques used in an archaeological laboratory, such as technical drawing and photo-taking. The skills that students will learn can be externalized to complete studies, publications, or reports from the pieces found on any site.


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Spanish flag046 Underwater Archaeology in Sanitja harbor & Dig in the Roman city of Sanisera (Menorca, Spain)


The ancient Roman city of Sanisera is located on a natural harbor. For this reason, we are lucky that the land excavations and the underwater activities take place in the same area, allowing us to develop projects in the terrestrial and marine environment, using different methodologies and techniques with a great team of professionals and experts. Also, you can learn from the beginning excavation techniques and methodology. During the excavation, you will find archaeological remains from the classical period including Roman pottery, amphorae, glass, etc. that you will learn how to identify in the laboratory. The course lasts 18 days and will be divided into two different periods. The first nine days will be dedicated to underwater archaeology activities while the rest of the course will be focused on everything that is related to a land excavation.

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